About Indigo Consulting Group


At Indigo we work in partnership with our clients to enhance their businesses performance and value. Our aim is to fully understand your business to enable Indigo to improve your operational performance which will deliver increased profits.

Combining knowledge and innovation underpins our approach. Drawing on over 20 years’ consultancy experience and coupling this with a detailed knowledge of your staff, clients and competitors will deliver long term improvements in performance.

We can assist you in successfully claiming Research and Development (R&D) relief, defending an investigation by the HMRC, selling your business, resolving business conflict and surviving a recession.

Indigo is dedicated to providing agile and responsive solutions to the opportunities and/or challenges faced by our clients, appreciating that every business decision, has a personal dimension.

Indigo – we're here to assist you with the major business decisions that will add value

Why Indigo

Indigo is a dedicated business advisory consultancy run by Chartered Accountants. Whereas, the majority of consultants are Accountants offering ‘consultancy’ services on the side.

We don’t want to prepare your annual accounts, perform your audit or submit your routine returns to HMRC, at Indigo we want to assist you with the major business decisions that will add value. That said and more importantly should the circumstance require it we can perform all these services.

By providing pure business consultancy we are freed to develop innovative solutions not constrained by day-to-day considerations. In short, we want to improve the future of your business not account for it’s history.

Adding Value Not Hassle

The team at Indigo know how demanding running a business is. You have precious little free time and what time you do have must be put to good use. By gaining a thorough understanding of your business and combining this with our years of experience, Indigo delivers tangible results in the shortest possible timeframe.

We will work in conjunction with your key members of staff, extracting the necessary information, then formulate an approach and present our results back to you, the business owner.

We do the legwork to maximise your return (R&D relief or sale proceeds) or minimise your costs (tax or buying out a business partner).

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At Indigo, client confidentiality is paramount. We will not discuss a client’s individual circumstances with anyone and would ask for a similar level of discretion from our clients. Once an assignment is complete, the client has the option of receiving all the data collected back or having it securely destroyed at our offices.

Our Approach

Indigo’s goal is to assist our clients in developing, expanding, refining, defending or disposing of their business. To do this, in collaboration with you the client, we must identify opportunities, mitigate risks and establish objectives.
We take an entity approach that is we review the complete organisation, to identify a bespoke solution which will deliver long term, tangible and measurable results. The overriding aim is to maximise your reward as the business owners.


Certain situations call for a multi-disciplined approach drawing on the expertise of solicitors, barristers, industry experts or insolvency practitioners. Indigo has a panel of tried and trusted partners, embracing a similar ethos of maximising our client’s value, upon which it can draw. Thereby offering a complete solution in all situations.