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Many SME construction companies see the CITB as only a cost and not also as an opportunity to generate training revenue/grants.

Indigo Guarantee – Comprehensive yet non-intrusive Grant and Levy services.

Indigo have successfully claimed £3.3m in CITB Training Grants on behalf of our clients.

For an organisation dedicated to training the CITB don’t half create a lot of confusion:

Old training Grant Rules – these ceased to be applicable as of 31 March 2018;

Tranisitional Rules – came into existence as of 1 April 2018; and

New Rules – yet to be established and no commencement date.

Our professional, dedicated CITB staff have a comprehensive understanding of all the available grants and will assess your company’s eligibility.

All fees are success orientated thus if you do not receive a grant, you will not receive an invoice.

We suggest, in the first instance, to call us with a view of confirming eligibility and discussing the next steps.

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The majority of construction companies that undertake training as part of their normal day-to-day activities will have eligible courses under the Transitional Rules.  Due to the complexity and changing nature of the grant rules, most clients undervalue their entitlement however Indigo, as an Approved Training Organisation, will ensure your Company receives the maximum grant.

The Legal Stuff

Who must register with CITB

Under the Industrial Training Act 1982 and consequent Levy Orders, CITB must assess all employers engaged wholly or mainly in construction industry activities. In other words, when construction takes up more than half of your total employees’ time (including sub-contractors).

You need to register your business with CITB and complete a Levy Return so that we can carry out a levy assessment.

Levy Rates for the 2018 Levy Return

How large your CITB Levy will be is based on your total payments to PAYE employees and CIS subcontractors.

For the purpose of the Levy due in 2019, workers include employees paid through Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) subcontractors who you deduct CIS tax from.

The rates are:

  • 0.35% on PAYE.
  • 1.25% on CIS subcontractors who you deduct CIS from.

The levy is not applied to CIS subcontractors who you don’t deduct CIS tax from.