HMRC Investigations

HMRC Investigations are acknowledged to be one of the most stressful business events. The HMRC’s investigative approach can often leave the taxpayer feeling like a criminal, rather than recognised as the entrepreneurs they are.

Indigo Guarantee – to conclude the investigation swiftly, on the best terms available while allowing you to get on with business.

Tax Doesn’t Have To Be Taxing!

A badly managed tax investigation will cost you dearly and it’s not just the tax you have to worry about, often the interest and penalties exceed the tax owed.

At Indigo we aim to manage the investigation process, by providing a buffer between the HMRC and our Client, minimising the final liability, by controlling the information flow and negotiating commercially beneficial settlements.

We always remind our Clients that an investigation is a practical problem requiring level-headed decisions based on all available information. A key element of the available information is what powers the HMRC have and more importantly what they are not entitled to.

Tax Enquiries


At new client meetings, we often hear “we thought there might be a problem but were frightened to ask”. The person they were frightened to ask was their own accountant. Accountants by nature are prudent, risk adverse individuals, who like nothing more than preparing a set of conservative accounts for approval by HMRC. Their advice will often be disclose, declare and pay.

We would like to be given the opportunity to review matters prior to having the HMRC looking over our shoulder and would encourage new clients to be proactive by engaging Indigo to perform a tax MOT.

For all businesses but especially the larger SME, that require Audited Financial Statements, retaining tax advisor who is not your Accountant/Audited is both desirable and beneficial.

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Who’s Working For Whom?

With Indigo as your advisor you will be left with little doubt as to the fact that you, as our Client, are definitely not working for HM Revenue & Customs and we, as your dedicated tax professional are working solely and exclusively for you.

What Taxes?

Indigo has over 20 years’ experience of successfully negotiating with the HMRC. The specific area/taxes where we can add value:

Corporation and income tax enquires

VAT & PAYE investigations

CIS status enquires

Fraud investigation – the Contractual Disclosure Facility

Criminal Investigations

HMRC’s Managing serious defaulters programme

At Indigo we have a tried and tested panel of legal and insolvency professionals upon which we can draw to maximise our effectiveness.