Managing Conflict

At Indigo we understand that business conflict comes from a variety of sources. We have experienced them all and it is this wealth of knowledge that will guide you through what can be very troubled waters. It often arrives unexpectedly, it is rarely pleasant but can be turned into an opportunity:

Death of a business owner/partner


Rogue Director/Employee

'Falling out’ between business partners – Business divorce!

Loss/liquidation of major customer

Fire/flood/uninsured theft

Removing an underperforming partner/shareholder

Indigo Guarantee – we care about resolving your business conflict as much as you do.


The initial strategy is always the same, protect our Client’s position, identify all the influencing factors and agree on short, medium and long term goals. At Indigo we understand that the majority of business conflict sources have a deeply personal element and it is our job to manage the business side thereby freeing our clients to make their personal decisions.

A swift decisive first step is the key to a successful outcome.

Managing Business Conflict
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Managing Business Conflict

The tools for managing conflict are:

Interim management

Due to death or divorce, the business may be left without a leader. Indigo have a broad panel of proven business leaders who can relieve you of the day-to-day burden allowing you to concentrate on the bigger picture..

Forensic audit

Do you suspect your business partner, co-shareholder or trusted employee of fraud? Prior to making any accusations it is imperative that you have your facts right. Indigo can quickly analyse your financial information and who knows, maybe you are wrong!

Managing creditors

In a situation where there has been a major business interruption, managing your outgoings becomes crucial to survival. Clear communication with creditors (trade, subcontractors, HMRC VAT & payroll) will allay their fears thus giving you the opportunity to re-group.

Negotiating with financiers

Financiers like creditors require management during periods of business conflict. Indigo has a wealth of experience negotiating with financial institutions, it is important that these negotiations commence on the Clients terms.

Office relocation

In many business conflict scenarios there is an immediate requirement/desire for new offices. Indigo’s team can assist with identifying new secure offices, sourcing new equipment and effecting the move.

Legal representation

Do you foresee a day in Court, then Indigo understand the importance of getting a strong legal team, on-side with a clear strategy, early in the process. Indigo’s panel of Solicitors and Barristers share our passion for maximising client value.

Trade or dispose

Once the dust has settled, this becomes the big question. Should you continue trading, growing your business and team or dispose of the business, realising the maximum value for your life’s work?