R&D Tax Credits

Many business owners mistakenly believe that R&D tax credits don’t apply to their business or are unaware of the potential benefits of a claim. The R&D tax relief scheme offers generous incentives to a wide range of businesses.

The Indigo approach is no-nonsense, hassle free and proven, by combining engineering know-how with accountancy excellence, we aim to maximise each and every R&D claim.

Indigo Guarantee – we will maximise your R&D claim while minimising the disruption to you and your business.

R&D And Your Business – A Degree in chemistry is not required

The UK’s R&D tax relief scheme is incredibly inclusive and defined in such a way as to be applicable to most, if not all, businesses. It is very likely that some of the operational challenges faced by your business would qualify as eligible expenditure for R&D tax purposes.

Indigo in partnership with our Client’s staff, will quickly identify which activities meet the definition of R&D. With the activities pinpointed, we can isolate the expenditure associated with them and formulate a claim for submission to HMRC.

R&D Identified
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How Will We Benefit?

If your business qualifies as a SME (Small or Medium Sized Enterprise) and has incurred R&D expenditure, then you are entitled to claim back an additional £26 for every £100 spent if you are making a profit or £33 for every £100 spent if you are loss making.

Can you answer yes to the following three questions? Then you are entitled to a R & D tax credit:

Have you done something new? – not solely a new product but also process innovation (doing the same thing in a new way) or product development (improving an existing process or product)

Are you a SME Company? – less than 500 employees and either turnover below £84m or Balance Sheet assets of less than £72m

Have you incurred eligible expenditure on doing this new thing? – eligible expenditure being staff costs, consumables, software, externally provided workers and/or subcontractors

Should you qualify as a large company per question 2 above there are still generous reliefs available under the RDEC scheme.

All fixed assets purchased for R&D activities qualify for R&D Capital Allowances meaning you can claim 100% of the costs incurred on such assets against your income in that year generating a further £20 per £100 invested.

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The UK Government wishes to encourage improvements in every sector within the economy via R&D. It can’t be overstated that R&D relief is available to ALL.

Where Indigo has had success: Manufacturing, Engineering, Beauty Products, Construction, Architecture, Food & Drink and Game Design.

What’s the Downside?

There is none. Indigo will identify those activities within your business which represent R&D. We will quantify the expenditure incurred on these activities. Then compile and submit a claim to the HMRC on your behalf. What’s the worst that can happen, the HMRC say no, you’re no worse off.

At Indigo we pride ourselves on the fact that we have never made an unsuccessful claim.